Research and development

With the quality policy of "dedication to high-quality products and sustainable development", we always adhere to innovation, focus on improving the manufacturing capacity of valves under special working conditions, and advance with the country to provide users with high-tech and high-quality valve products used in harsh environments.

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Core advantage

  • 01

    Personalized customization

    ZhongXin valve can be customized according to the actual working conditions,
    to provide one-stop industrial valve fluid control system to complete solutions.

  • 02

    Advanced technology

    ZhongXin's unique product features in the application of new materials,
    the improvement of sealing structure and valve fireproof structure have been highly recognized by the market.

  • 03

    Quality assurance

    ZhongXin Valve can effectively ensure the control of the supply chain from raw materials to final products,
    the company has a comprehensive and perfect quality assurance system and management system.

  • 04

    Prompt response

    It is always the goal of ZhongXin Valve to build a sales team that can vigorously expand ZhongXin brand,
    continuously expand the cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, and realize the globalization of the market.

  • 05

    High cost performance

    Products with imported quality, domestic price incomparable high cost performance,
    to win the recognition of many customers.

  • 06

    Prompt delivery

    Committed to the establishment of industrial standardization system,
    through modular management portfolio, the implementation of lean management, so that the company's efficiency is greatly improved, can timely meet customer orders.

Production site

The company has advanced processing equipment, and all the main parts are precision mechanical
equipment such as multi station machining center, CNC lathe and CNC boring machine


The Company has established the advanced physical and chemical laboratory, with the import of two portable spectrum analyzer, ultrasonic flaw detector, ultrasonic thickness gauge, screen hydraulic universal material testing machine, low-temperature impact testing machine, magnetic particle flaw detector, portable and desktop sclerometer, helium mass spectrometer leak detector vacuum and semi-automatic valve testing machine more than 10 sets of advanced test equipment.

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